Sepehr Irandoost


_BPS7722_8x10For more than a decade Sepehr has been pursuing his passion for Opera and acting around the world. At the age of 23 he was one of six people who received a two year scholarship for the Austrian Cultural Embassy’s Opera program. During these years Sepehr privately studied Opera with the director of the Vienna University’s Orchestra and choir and performed roles such as Sarastro from The Magic Flute, Rocco from Fidelio and Osmin from Entfuhrung.

Since moving to Australia in 2009 Sepehr expanded his Operatic career by performing in lead roles with various Opera companies in Australia such as Sydney Independent Opera, Pacific Opera, Savoy arts, Mosman and Manly music society. In 2013 Sepehr was accepted into Pacific Opera’s Young Artist Program where he performed the role of Dr Bartolo from The Marriage of Figaro. At the same year Sepehr covered the role of Il Commendatore in Don Giovanni produced by Sydney Independent Opera.

In 2014 Sepehr performed as Don-Alhambra (Counsel General) in The Gondoliers Dream Getaway staged by Pacific Opera and Colline in La Boheme. 

David Mcfarlane OAM, former Artistic Director of Queensland Opera had the following to say about Sepehr after his performance as Don-Alhambra:

…The young cast generally acquitted themselves with distinction. Finally, Sepehr Irandoost as Consul General sparked the thought: Is there a star here?

Among Sepehr’s greatest accomplishments was his performance as Douglas Mawson in a newly written one-man Opera, Douglas Mawson Walking Alone, specifically written for his voice and composed by Jim Coyle. The Opera was premiered in September 2014 and received raving reviews from critics. Lifestyle magazine published the following in their review:

…In fact, Irandoost perfectly portrayed Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson. Each scene takes you through the gripping story of one man’s race for survival. The opera, was written with Irandoost in mind. He’s a brilliant young singer with a very distinctive voice.

In 2016 Sepehr performed yet another one man Opera, The Selfish Giant. The opera was first of its kind and was composed by Jim Coyle and required Sepehr as the only adult singer along with 150 children from Pitt water house school. After this Sepehr continued his performing career by performing the roles of Colline and Sarastro for independant Opera companies.

In June 2017 Sepehr performed the most daring role for his voice type, Don Giovanni! The Opera was produced by Opera Hunter and received many great reviews from critics especially for Sepehr’s dark and cunning portrayal of this character.

In addition to his passion for Opera and stage performance, Sepehr also has a keen tooth for acting, especially in front of camera. Throughout the years Sepehr has practised his craft in major Australian acting schools such as NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), ACA (Acting Center Australia) and SSAG (Sydney Screen Acting Group).

Sepehr performed as Sohrab Shirazi in the short movie Dead Man’s Hand in 2012 and since then he has also appeared in various online series such as two episodes of The Adventures of Brad and Maamoon and The Amazing Story of Bane and Maamoon.