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The Selfish Giant


The Selfish Giant is a newly written opera by Jim Coyle. This performance is the premier of this opera. It will be performed with Sepehr as the only adult professional opera singer along with +100 children from years 3-6 from the Pitt Water House Schools.

The audience are invited to participate in this opera at various times by using their smartphones or other devices. A screen projects instructions to them from time to time, but it is better to have an MC before the start of the opera explaining what is required and rehearsing with the audience. The entire opera takes place in Giant’s garden and lasts about an hour.

The Story

A Selfish Giant lives alone in a house with a beautiful garden and will not allow the children to play there. Winter comes to the garden and does not leave until one day something truly wonderful happens…

Composer Jim Coyle loved the story as a boy, and has now set it as a one act opera for performance by a single professional singer and as many primary school children as will fit on the stage.

The original short story by Oscar Wilde was part of The Happy Prince collection read it HERE.

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About Jim Coyle – Composer

British-born Jim Coyle is a resident of Sydney and is proud to call Australia home. As well as being a successful composer, Jim is renowned as an inspiring music educator and is also in demand as a conductor, writer, lecturer and performer. In 2014 Jim Composed his first one man Opera, “Douglas Mawson Walking Alone”. The opera premiered in September of 2014 with Sepehr performing the role of Douglas Mawson.

You can read more about Jim Coyle HERE.

You can also listen to some of his compositions HERE.

Behind the Scene exclusive:

Jim, Adele and Sepehr were asked to present some parts of The Selfish Giant to a large group of primary school music teachers from all over New South Wales. They were in Sydney for a week-long professional learning event called TunEd Up! Which is organised by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.We were lucky enough to work with such wonderful talents as Linda Lorenza, Director of Education at the SSO and the legendary accompanist and opera coach Glenn Amer. Here is a very short video of part of The Selfish Giant we learned at TunEd Up!.